Program regulation

Is it a management system which, according to a set of rules and trends, controls complex systems. One type of regulation is program regulation which uses the right order of condition in a given time. The program regulation is one of the easiest regulations for users. Program take care about everything, the user only selects what he wants. That’s the reason why your washing machine works, because there is a program regulation. Of course there are many more devices which use program regulation, for example the kettle, but I think that washing machine is a great example to show how work program regulation.


How works program regulation?

We want to clean our clothes so we put the dirty clothes into the washing machine and choose the right program to clean our clothes. Washing machine starts the process of cleaning.

  • The first thing what program do is filling the drum by water
  • Next step is heat the water to required temperature and keeping the temperature, after it the rotating of drum start.
  • After a while washing machine checks by electrical conductivity sensor (EC sensor) if the water is too much polluted.
  • If the water is too much polluted the program will drain the old water from the drum and fill up the drum with new water and repeat the process until the water will be clean at least in conditions of the washing machine.
  • Then the program drains water and starts centrifugation to pull out the water from clothes.
  • During centrifugation the drum is intensively rotating and water is pulled out from clothes and drum to tank.
  • The drum is stopping in the right spot to open for the user and after while the washing machine starts beeping because the program ends.

That’s how program regulation works. User choose a program and the program will take care of everything, about sensors and their values, right order of switching and anything else.